Every day we are weary to run and perform all the tasks of the day, to satisfy all those around us.
It is often said that we are just passing through …
The years pass, we grow, we have fun, we live, we suffer, we are happy but we often waste time for trivial and inconsistent actions.
We live the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years without understanding the reason.
We conform to our environment and the people around us. We hardly have the strength to oppose even if we are endowed with intelligence.
We’re just passing through the earth.
We are traveling, and our life is short, or very long, depending on the point of view.
Yet inside of us we feel that there is something more, that we are more than this magnificent body so fragile and not lasting.
And so we seek and seek, when we cease to blindly follow the paths drawn to us by society and destiny.
And at that point, something we are destined to find. Nobody can say what it is, we can only look for it.

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