Smoke is a product that we find in common life, in house chimneys, in car exhaust, in factories, in cigarettes, and in many other moments of daily living. I’m fascinated by the smoke and its volutes. Smoke hypnotizes me, makes me dream, I look at it and I lose my thoughts, a little like when, when I was young, I looked at the fire in the fireplace, along with my grandfather. Smoke, with its volutes, creates abstract shapes but also well known and recognizable images. It is the phenomenon called apofenia (apofenia is the subconscious illusion that tends to bring to life shapes or objects of known shape casually. A particular case of the aphophony is pareidolia which is defined as the instinctive and automatic tendency to finding familiar forms in disordered images, especially towards human figures and faces).

I like to think that I have captured unrepeatable images as smoke is always moving, an unmanageable and unexpected movement. The images we see in this project are part of my first exhibition titled LIGHT AND SMOKE.

Except for the color, which I deliberately applied in post-production to emphasize what is my personal vision, no other manipulation was adopted.


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